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Adverse Effects of Shiftwork on Labor Productivity

May 31, 2018
2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
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Online Webinar


  Adverse Effects of Shiftwork on Labor Productivity

This Webinar is Facilitated by CMAA National.

One of the factors with adverse effect on labor productivity is shiftwork. Shiftwork is defined as working other than daytime hours. When work is performed on a shiftwork basis, labor productivity is adversely affected because of reasons such as stress on circadian rhythms, additional resource or preparation needs, or other factors such as additional coordination, labor, and supervision. These factors need to be considered when work on a shift work is scheduled to ensure informed decisions are made. This webinar will further describe these factors and identify their potential adverse effects on productivity.

Presented By: Amin Terouhid, President, Adroit Consultants, LLC and Maryam Mirhadi, CEO / Principal Consultant, Adroit Consultants

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