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PM MBA Part 2: Midterm and Graduation

  PM MBA Part 2: Midterm and Graduation 

This Webinar is Facilitated by CMAA National.

During the second session, there will be a quick recap from session one, examine the pain points of today’s talent development within leading organizations, and dive into the remaining business skills areas.

Marketing 101

  • How does the customer view value - How do builders provide value
  • Customer-centric project management philosophies
  • The business development zipper

Economics 101

  • Supply, Demand and the Micro/Macro economics of the built world
  • "The Contractors' Dilemma" - The bid-day rationalization
  • Understanding PEST - Political, Economic, Social and Technological Impacts for the Project Manager

Operations Management

  • Productivity, Lean and Six Sigma – Developing a culture of continuous improvement
  • The Case for the Starbucks Cup of Coffee
  • Process and tools – Redefining the “white space”


  • Implementing true business leadership within the builders of tomorrow’s world

Presented By: Gregg Schoppman, Principal, FMI

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